Measuring Internet traffic and user activity levels

We estimate domain names' per IP prefix activity levels by probing DNS cache via non-recursive ECS query.

Scheduling of differential privacy

Project behind our [OSDI' 21 paper](/publication/dp_sched).

Congestion Mitigation via Detour Routing

In data center topology, I would like to mitigate congestion packet drops at edge by leveraging buffers and idle bandwidth at the core.

Syscall-less Kernel Space I/O with Fast Storage Device

We investigated the redesign and usage of io_uring in the setting of low-latency (10 usec) Optane SSD.

Copyset-merging Algorithm Design and Evaluation

A data replica placement algorithm that extends copyset algorithm into dyanmic setting.

A Finite Difference Method for Multi-asset Option Pricing

A new finite difference scheme that reduces computational complexity of option pricing.

Simulation and Optimization of Silicon Solar Cells

Optimize sunlight absorption efficiency of silicon solar cells.